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Wall Decals Stickers Installation Instructions

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  • Using small tabs of masking tape, tack the graphic to the intended surface. You can align it by temporarily removing a tab of tape, and measuring to body lines or other reference points then sticking the tape tab back down once the vinyl is in the correct position.
  • Apply a single horizontal strip of masking tape to the top of the graphic. The strip of masking tape should be split between the graphic and the intended surface with half in-half off on each side (as shown). This strip will be used as a hinge that will insure the graphic does not move during the application process.
  • Hold the bottom edge of the hinged graphic away from the intended surface and remove the liner to reveal the sticky backing of the vinyl. Save this piece of liner for use later in the application process.

CAUTION: Do not let the exposed graphic touch the intended surface. The back of the graphic is very tacky and will tightly adhere to the surface. If the placement is not correct, removing the graphic for re-placement will be very difficult or impossible without causing damage to the decal.

Extra Note: To assist in proper placement on glass or very smooth surfaces like vehicles, metal plates, aluminum, etc, spray the intended surface with the mixture of water and soap. Windex or any window cleaner works well also. 

  • While still holding the hinged graphic away from the intended surface, use credit card and starting from the top, begin to marry the graphic to the intended surface.

Notes: Work from top to bottom. Do not let the entire graphic fall onto the intended surface. If lines or creases develop, lift and re-place the graphic.

  • Once the graphic is in proper position and lying perfectly flat on the intended surface, you can now start forcing the air out from beneath the graphic. Starting from the center working outward, use firm strokes with the squeegee to force the air out from beneath the individual letters or elements contained in your graphic.
  • After all letters and elements have had most of the air pushed out from beneath them, gently remove the pre-mask from the graphic and reveal the final product. 
  • Be careful not to pull the graphic up with the pre-mask paper.

Note: this method of spraying the masking does not work on the clear, plastic-type masking.


  • You may get a few bubbles in your application. This is fairly common and is nothing to worry about, but it is important that you remove them. If large bubbles are left un-popped the adhesive behind them will dry up and the vinyl will not adhere. Eventually, the vinyl where the bubble is will fall off.

Pushing air out: It is important to NOT to push the bubble down in an attempt to make it disappear. Instead, use a sharp needle and gently puncture the film inside the bubble toward an edge and press the air out from the opposite side. If it is a very large bubble, make a couple of punctures. If the bubbles are smaller than 1/8” in diameter you do not have to pop them. They will go away on their own. Be patient, it may take several days, the film will start to shrink (this is normal) and the air will migrate out. 

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